Electric bike power off sensor


Bicycle modified electric vehicle oil brake brake power sensor switch / integrated finger power off sensor



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Waterproof, dust-proof and shockproof

Length: 1700mm

1. Oil brake / Siamese dial / disc brake / V brake bend car for application;

2. The original brake lever and finger dialing speed can be retained;

3. When the action is first, the power is turned off and then braked to effectively protect the motor and the controller and the safety of riding;

4. The stroke and sensitivity of the action can be adjusted according to the needs, and the bicycle must be modified to be electric;

5. No matter the positive or negative, both high and low brakes are available.

Installation and commissioning:

(Note: plug in the sensor, the sensor head should be energized close to the magnet)

Magnetic brake working principle:

When the sensor head and the magnet are energized, the motor will work. When the brake lever is pressed, the sensor head and the magnet are separated to be powered off. Understand this, you are looking for a suitable location to install.

Please note that the quantity is one. If you need a pair, please add the quantity yourself.