S-LCD5U LCD Meter with USB for S-Series Controllers


S-LCD5U LCD Meter With USB Output for S Series Controllers.



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S-LCD5U LCD Meter for S Series Controllers. It only fits S series controllers. It is not suitable for other controllers. 

1. Dimension: 16.5X51X77mm

2. Voltage: fits for 24V, 36V or 48V batteries.

Note: How to determine the value of the parameter P5 ? The formula is LVC+P5/3.77.

For 24V battery, LVC=20V, P5/3.77=1. 

For 36V battery, LVC=30V, P5/3.77=1.5.

For 48V battery, LVC=40V, P5/3.77=2.

You can adjust P5 parameter by your own battery discharge curve.

It is a smart LCD. You can not test it by only voltage. You need to install it on your E-Bike and pedal for 3-5 seconds. Then the LCD will show battery level normally.

Please kindly download and read the LCD5 manual before using.

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S-LCD5 Operation Manual

S-LCD5 Operation Manual

Download (324.15k)