S12SH 36V 48V 800Watts 35Amps Torque Simulation Sine Wave Controller


S12SH 800Watts 35Amps Torque Simulation Sine Wave Controller for 36Volts and 48Volts battery pack E-Bike System



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S12SH 800Watts 35Amps Torque Simulation Sine Wave Controller for 36Volts and 48Volts battery pack E-Bike System.

It unitilizes the huge database from pedaling movement to imitates real torque sensor.  Many customers tried this kind of controllers, all said "It is more comfortable than real torque." Of course, there is no real torque sensor, so it it  more reliable. As the saying goes, less parts, more reliable.

1. For 36V and 48V batteries;

2. It fits all S series LCD and LED890 meters.

3. For 800Watts hall sensor motors.

4. Sine Wave.

5. Dimension: 41x83x170mm

6. Maximum Current: 35Amps.

7. It is only suitable for hall sensor motor.

Note: This kind of controllers are not as same as the other commom controllers. It is the torque simulation controller. So when you change the level of the PAS by LCD or LED890 panel, the speed will not change. They are in same speed. But the torque is different. In other word, the output of controller power is different.



S12SH Controller Diagram

S12SH 800W Sine Wave Controller Diagram

Download (148.59k)

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