C80 LI-ION Battery Charger with Plugs for Hoverboard Electric Scooter E-bike



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1、Universal AC Input Voltage:90VAC~264VAC;50/60HZ;

2、High efficiency,Maximum efficiency can be 89% above;

3、Protections:Short circuit/Overload/Over Voltage/Under Voltage/Over Current/Over Temperature/Reverse Polarity/Automatic shutdown/Timing/Discharging,No spark short circuit protection.

4、Fully enclosed plastic case fanless Design,Cooling by free air convection, high reliability;

5、All materials are environmentally friendly,  fire-resistant,lead free;

6、ALL chargers are full load burn-in for 4 hours above with data record;

7、Low surge current,no interference,low output voltage ripple;

8、No spark DC plug design when plug in or pull out from the battery;

9、Compatible for with or without voltage battery charging input port;

10、Warranty: 1 years 

11、Casing material: ABS+PC

12、Weight: almost 0.38kg

13. 3 DC Connector types:  DC 5.5*2.1mm female,DC5.5*2.5mm female plug, 8mm 3 prong female connector, 

Note: the AC plug we will send depend on your country.

If you need other parameter of this charger or have bulk orders, pls contact us to customize.

Tips of How to Charge Electric Skateboard, E-bike, Electric Scooter, E-motorcycle, Self Balancing Hover Board

Does this charger work for your device?

The voltage of the charger must match the voltage of your battery, getting it wrong could result in a failed recharge or damage to the battery of your devices. There are some simple steps that you can take before you buy:

1.Voltage and amps checking: (Our charger is fit for  lithum battery only

Making sure that your charger has the Correct Voltage and Amps;

2.Connector checking:

Making sure the Charge Connector Matches the Port, our charging connector type( DC5.5*2.1mm /2.5mm 1 prong female plug and 8mm 3-prong female plug)

Various connectors are used for different electric scooters, E-motorcycle, Self Balancing Hover Board etc. please make sure you find the right charger plug that will fit the port.

How To Charge an Electric Scooter/E-Bike/Hoverboard/E-Motorcycle?

1.Plugging the charger into the power outlet;

2. Connect the Charger To the Charging Port,(before you connect it, please make sure that your device is switched off);

3. Check the LED Red Light on the Charger;

4. Wait for your devices to charge;

5.Turn the Charger Off and Disconnect;

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